About Us

OcuVend was created to provide patients the convenience of purchasing over-the-counter (OTC) eye drops, ointments, eye care products, and supplements directly in office while eliminating the time and pressure of selling from eye care practitioners and staff. 

Practitioners can rest assured that their patients are getting the recommended products while avoiding patient inconvenience and product confusion.

OcuVend’s mission is to improve patient convenience while enhancing practice performance through automation.

Why Do You Need OcuVend?

Unmatched Patient Convenience

With OcuVend, you will provide your patients with the ultimate convenience. They will never again have to spend their valuable time searching for recommended eye care products.

Customized Options

Each OcuVend machine will be customized to your practice. You choose which products you want to offer your patients.

Enhanced Practice Revenue

Offset declining reimbursements by adding automated retail sales to your practice. OcuVend is stand alone and eliminates the burden of upselling off you and your staff.

Turnkey solution with ZERO Upfront Cost

We send you OcuVend, we process your transactions, we monitor your inventory. When your inventory gets low, we send you more. At the end of every cycle, we send you a check.

Ready to Get Your OcuVend?